Beacons Charges

All children are expected to attend 5 morning sessions which equates to 15 hours of funding for which all children are entitled.
If you are in receipt of 15 hours only and would like your child to attend afternoon sessions and/or Brock wraparound care you will be charged for this.
Beacons pm sessions Mon-Thurs - £17 
Beacons pm session Fri - £12.50
Brocks Wraparound care charges have not changed and are detailed in the leaflet given out at Induction Evening.
If you are in receipt of 30 hours funding and wanted your child to attend full time, your funding would cover Mon-Fri lunchtime and you would be left with a Friday afternoon to pay for at £12.50 per week.
You could use your funding across any afternoon or wraparound care and this breaks down as follows;
pm Mon-Thurs = 15 hours of funding or 3.75 hours per afternoon.
pm Fri = 2.75 hours of funding.
Brocks Breakfast is 1 hours worth of funding.
Brocks after school care is 2 hours worth of funding.
As ever if there are any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via hello@stbreock.org.uk or on the phone. We are happy to help explain.

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