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Reading Together

At St Breock we believe that learning to read is a partnership between home and school and we want to support you to support your child in continuing their learning journey with reading at home. Below are our Reading Together Booklets for FS2, Y1 and Y2, which explain in detail our expectations and have examples of activities, questions and resources you can use. There are also some videos to show you what reading together at home might look like. Enjoy! 
Reading at home
Your child's reading journey begins in our pre-school with the sharing of books together during sessions and children choosing books to come home and share with you. Once the children begin full time school with us books will start to come home and follow the following patter.
1.  A  book your child can read to you - this is from our RWI Phonics scheme and will be closely matched to their phonics teaching.
2. A book from our reading scheme which your child can read with your help and support to remind them of sounds they have learnt and common exception words - please refer to our Reading Together Booklets or your class teacher for support with this.
3. A book that can be read to your child. This is from the classroom or library which your child has chosen to bring home and have read to them.

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