“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. ” – Albert Einstein
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” -Dr. Seuss

You were not made to hide or to be invisible. Each and every one of us is born to stand out. We simply need to decide we are going to, and be brave while we do. 


When you embrace your difference, your DNA, your look or heritage or religion or your unusual name, that's when you start to shine. Bethenny Frankel

Our PSHE/RSE Curriculum forms part of our wider Personal Development Curriculum, which you can find details of on our Ethos and Values page. 
We have designed the progression of knowledge and skills from Beacons through to Y6 to prepare children for their next phase of education and life beyond. Our curriculum also helps our children to really value who they are and how they relate to others in this ever changing world.
Our PSHE termly whole school topic links to the Fundamental British Values and these are explored explicitly in lessons during the Autumn and Spring term, whilst being referred to throughout.
Every year group works to a weekly whole school personal development target, which is weaved through all learning and focused on specifically in PSHE. Children who reach a 'Personal Best' demonstrating this value in the classroom, on the playground and in our Bistro, are recognised and rewarded as part of our Friday Celebration Assembly.

Our Vision

At St Breock Primary School, the personal development of our pupils holds as equal importance as their academic attainment and progress. We have developed a curriculum structured on our PSHE curriculum map and weaved into that other themes that we feel are imperative to achieve the vision we have. We are dedicated to children, not only leaving us academically fit, but also physically and emotionally healthy.

Our Personal Development Curriculum is closely linked to our Toolkit for Learning, Love and Laughter, which teaches children from our nursery up our core values of; Respect, Courage, Inspiration, Excellence, Friendship, Equality and Determination.

We encourage self-confidence, resilience, positivity and kindness, which will enable them to thrive in our constantly changing community of the 21st Century.

The information below has been produced by Jigsaw, a scheme of work from which we plan our PSHE curriculum. This is helpful in answering frequently asked questions about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

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