Year 6

Mrs Hawkins

Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Olver

Teaching Assistant



Our theme for this term is all about the Maya civilisation and The Victorian Age. Pupils will learn how the Mayan civilization grew so strong when the odds against it were so huge. They will devote most time to exploring the characteristics and features of the Mayan society, comparing it with the state of Britain at the same time.


Children will demonstrate knowledge and understanding about the everyday lives of children in the Victorian period; show how some aspects of the period have been interpreted in different ways; select and combine information from a range of textbooks, documentary source and communicate their knowledge and understanding of changes to children’s lives in Victorian times in an organised and structured way..


Throughout this term, children will focus on developing their knowledge and understanding of light and electricity. They will plan and carry out many investigations in response to given questions and demonstrate and describe the movement of light. Children will report and present findings from their investigations and identify variables that need to be controlled to achieve a fair test.

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