Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages at St Breock


"To have another language is to possess another soul." - Charlemagne.


Our Vision

At St Breock Primary School, the language taught in Key Stage 2 is French.  Our planning is based on the Oak Academy scheme of work that covers all the components of the Programme of Study.  French is taught weekly, with the support of an interactive programme which allows the children to listen, repeat and practice, using songs and rhymes.  The children learn phonics,grammar and vocabulary through a wide range of topics, including introductions, numbers, animals, body parts, clothing, hobbies, weather, directions and sports.  We wish to instill and foster pupil’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world beyond the United Kingdom, opening up their knowledge experiences to other cultures.  This has been done by French Days, breakfasts and of-course, our very own Tour de St Breock!


To find out more more detail, please see the Curriculum map below.

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