Music at St Breock
“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot
Music is the soundtrack to our lives and at St Breock we want to use our music curriculum to create, connect, celebrate and inspire. We use our Toolkit for Learning, Love and Laughter to engage our children with the enrichment music can bring through friendship in collaborating, courage in trying new things, inspiration in learning from those that came before us, respect through differing opinions, determination in getting it right, equality through representation from all walks of life and excellence through performance.
Our curriculum aims to give our children the opportunity on their musical learning journey to experience;
  • Singing to develop pitch, harmony and musical delivery.
  • Listening to develop musical understanding and expand their musical horizons to many cultures and traditions.
  • Composing as a creative process and development of a musical memory.
  • Performing to celebrate, collaborate, share and experience music as a stagecraft.
We have designed our curriculum so that each stepping stone in the musical journey builds on the next and encourage class teachers to weave these into class topics in order to embed learning further. Please see our Music Curriculum Map below to see this in more detail.

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