Welcome to our childcare provision which we call St Breock Brocks. The aim of our club is to provide a secure and caring environment for your children before and after school. We invite all children from the age of 3 – 11 yrs old.  Whilst at Brocks your child will be able to become involved in the following:- organised activities, computer games, crafts, construction activities, board games, sewing, modelling and lots, lots more.  We will involve the children in planning our activities and work very hard to ensure that we meet all their needs.  The children will also help to run the club by becoming snack time helpers!  We are always open to new ideas. We want children to feel that Brocks is home from home.
Should you need to get in touch with our Brocks staff out of school hours, please ring them on the Brocks mobile: 07999 537529.  Thank you.

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