Mathematics at St Breock Primary School
All mathematicians share a sense of amazement over the infinite depth and the mysterious beauty and usefulness of mathematics." 
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 At St Breock Primary School we want all pupils from EYFS up to Year 6 to experience the beauty, power and enjoyment of mathematics, to develop a sense of curiosity about the subject with a clear understanding. We believe all children can achieve in mathematics and teach for a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts through manageable steps.  We Celebrate mistakes to enhance resilience and self-motivation leading to greater well-being in every child. We address misconceptions as an essential part of learning and provide challenges through rich and sophisticated problems. Children at St Breock will spend time becoming true masters of content, applying and being creative with new knowledge in multiple ways. Mathematics is an important creative discipline that helps us to understand, and we are committed to ensuring that children at our school can recognise the importance of Maths in the wider world and that they are also able to use their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in their lives in a range of different contexts.
We are committed to giving our pupils an outstanding mathematics education that will provide a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.
St Breock pupils will:

1) Develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and sustained practice to develop procedural and conceptual understanding. 

2) Develop mathematical reasoning by identifying relationships and rules, and provide justification using mathematical language.

3) Develop problem-solving skills by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of situations.

4) Develop connections in their mathematical learning and can identify real-life applications.


Follow the Curriculum Map links below to see how mathematics is mapped out at St Breock School.

The Calculation Policy below will support you with the methods we use in school to teach the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition.
We look at how ideas build on each other using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods throughout. 
Calculation Policy - This document shows you how we build the learning in each area of maths and the methods we teach the children.

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