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At St Breock we believe that learning to read is a partnership between home and school and we want to support you to support your child in continuing their learning journey with reading at home. Below you will find our expectations for home reading and have examples of activities, questions and resources you can use. Enjoy! 
Reading at home in FS2, Y1 and Y2
Your child's reading journey begins in Beacons with the sharing of books together during sessions and children choosing books to come home and share with you. Once the children begin full time school with us books and activities will start to come home and follow the following patter.
On a Monday and Thursday your child will bring home their new Book Bag Book. This matches closely to their phonics learning that week. When exploring your child's new book we would like you to follow the following pattern;
  • Look at the new Book Bag Book front cover together and discuss what the story may be about.
  • Look inside the front cover and read the red and green words - refer to their sound book if they need reminding of sounds.
  • Listen to your child read the story - if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a video which will support you with this.
  • Listen to ensure accuracy in their reading and celebrate their learning.
  • Listen to your child read the story again with more fluency
  • Listen to your child read the story. Then look at the short questions at the end to ensure comprehension of the story.
Thursday - Repeat Mon-Wed with new book.
All week continue to share and read library books and stories at home together.
Your child will also bring home a book once a week, from the library which they have chosen to share with you and for you to read to them. Read this to them over the week and discuss the contents. They will enjoy quoting parts of a story to you as they become familiar with it over the week.
In addition to this we may send home some reading games to support your child's reading journey. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there are some videos below which will support you with this.
Reading at home in Y3 and beyond
In Y2/Y3 children will start to use our school and class libraries. They will begin to develop their love of reading and select books for themselves, which match their interests and tastes. We will continue to support those children who need extra support with their phonics with appropriate strategies and interventions.
All the children in KS2 (Y3-Y6) have been given a Reading Journal to record their reading journey with pictures, reviews, character profiles, summaries and anything which illustrates their journey. Please feel free to contribute to this yourselves with comments, reviews or pictures.
We expect the children to be reading at home as often as possible. This will be a combination of independent reading and reading with you. Please see our separate 10 Top Tips for reading at home page. We know you will want to support your child's reading by sharing their books together with book talk, as this will enhance their understanding of the texts they are enjoying. There are some pointers below to support you to support your child's reading journey and develop their love of books. 
  • Explore the book together by looking at the front cover and discussing what the story may be about.
  • Listen to your child read independently and encourage them to sound out words they are unsure of. Support them if they need you to.
  • Look out for good reading behaviours such as re-reading the sentence to check it makes sense.
  • Encourage children to spot any spellings they are learning.
  • Encourage your child to summarise what they have just read. Talk together about characters, their feelings about events and go back to the text to check details. This will encourage them to have opinions and feelings about texts and therefore be able to answer questions on texts more easily.
  • Please encourage your child to record anything you talked about in their Reading Journal in the way they would like to express it. There are some examples below to help you.

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