Religious Education

'Education is the key to unlock the door of freedom'
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.' Aristotle
The quotes above illustrate the importance of a good education in Religious Education. At St. Breock teach children to be open minded, particularly in this area. Through our toolkit for 'Learning, love and laughter' we hope that the children will be accepting and understanding of all cultures and religions that they come across throughout life.

Our Curriculum

At St. Breock we implemented the new Cornwall Agreed Syllabus across the school in September 2020. It is our aim that all children should have the opportunity to express their opinions and beliefs in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment. Throughout their time at St. Breock the children will gradually be introduced to a range of religions and worldviews. They include Christianity in FS2; Judaism in Year 1; Islam in Year 2 and Hinduism in Year 4. As the children mature, we help them to deepen their understanding and views on each of these religions and the cultures that relate.

Our Vision

Learning through story telling is vital to Religious Education and this is a huge part of our stimulating curriculum. The children are given opportunities to experience elements of each religion by dressing up, cooking and role-playing stories as well as by meeting visitors from different religious backgrounds and going on trips to a variety of religious settings during their school life.

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